Why Blog?

Many moons ago, I was in a NING forum/community (not quite sure what they’re called). This community had nothing to do with science, careers or creative writing. It centered around one of my hobbies..a rather shallow hobby (that’s why it shall remain unnamed). Mostly, my fellow hobbyists and I would lend kind words and encouragement. But, every so often, I’d write a multi-paragraph piece that consisted of: 25% unnamed hobby, 68.3% creative flair and 6.7% authentic gobbledegook.
Fellow “NING-ites” enjoyed my op-eds and asked repeatedly if I had a blog.
“No. I just post here”.
Truth be told, I enjoyed writing those silly pieces as much as they seemed to like reading them.

I thought: Why don’t I have a blog?!

And then, my imagination ran away with me.
“The whole world will love it!”
“I’ll add a Translation Widget so that no one will be deprived of my masterpieces!”
“I’ll monetize it, too. I’ll buy my first house with the riches.”
I smiled.
Stars in eyes.
Rolling in imaginary Benjamins.

In reality, the blog has collected dust.
I haven’t told a soul about it, and I don’t have time to write.

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