Shape-Shifter 2.0 (Part 1)

In the olden days, there were shape-shifters.
Folks were transformed by a spell or talisman.
The frog who transformed into a prince? A shape-shifter.
Mr. Beast who locked Belle in his castle with singing teacups? A furry shape-shifter…with horns.
And lest we forget, there was Princess Fiona from The Land of Far, Far Away. (Shape-Shift, Inc. was ahead of its time as an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer).
But, as a modern society, we no longer believe in the shape-shifter.
Fiona? Dracula? Wolf Man? Fooey!
Nowadays, the shape-shifter has been off-shored and has lost the battle against obsolescence.
He/she/it has been replaced by the CAREER-SHIFTERS…of which, I am one.
The Transformation

Pipettes here, spatulas there and spilled yeast everywhere
From my lab bench, the objects and fungi would stare.

As I toiled to make solutions
I came to the conclusion
That TCA and protein might mesh well
With strategy and marketing to sell.

With rolled-up sleeves and a furrowed brow
I thought, “I must get my feet wet (in business) NOW!”

Off to 3-Day Start-up I went,
and after 72 hours were spent…
No, I had not transmuted into a dog with mange

But, I wanted to further explore my new decision
And tip-toe towards a science AND business collision.
Technology transfer offices and commercialization…
I wanted in, as this trend swept the academic nation.

Now, with days devoted to the TCA and titanium dioxide with which I work,
a business plan 1st draft for a tweaked, lithium-ion battery lurks.

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