Shape-Shifter 2.0 (Part 2)

After consulting my highly trusted army of advisers, I’ve decided to get an MBA.
Yes, that’s right…the degree that I had ruled out since sophomore year.

Who are these advisers, you ask?
Who could possibly change [my] mind and make [me] question [my] sophomoric, sophomore-year decision?
The President? Dr. deGrasse Tyson? A Ninja Turtle?
A couple of science folk. One is a C-suite officer and the other is an entrepreneur.
They’re where I want to be, and their words carry weight.

My eyes have been opened.

It’s the Age of Enlightenment here at Green Eggs & Lab.
The science-MBA light shineth brightly.
Handeth me my Blu-Blockers and a giant visor.

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