It is official.  It’s crunch time.

I have:

5 1/2 months to get conclusive results in lab and to write/defend a thesis

2 months to prep for and take the GMAT (and perform with flying colors)

2 weeks until I hear from the business competition I entered

2-3 weeks to scout internship opportunities for the fall semester

and 1.5 months (I think) to apply for NSF I-Corps Teams

(oh yeah, and I’m also going to learn how to code).

I’m clutching my heart…I think I’m having a heart attack.

It’s the big one.

I can feel it!!


Alas, I’ve brought this upon myself.  I got the bright idea to commercialize a patent.  It was me who got bitten by the licensing/I-must-get-an-MBA bug 2 seconds before the 2015 application season.  


Today is a GMAT-study day.

Tomorrow, I’m back in the lab, hoping that my bacteria will do what they’re supposed to.  

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