Chemistry grad student.
Enamored with all things start-up: companies/culture.
Native New Yorker, who once called Philadelphia home.
Swarthmore lured me to (the) Philly (area).
After a short break, Temple got me to return.
Now, Columbia has delivered me to my hometown.
Bibliophile and amateur writer.
Museum buff.
Classical piano since my Play-Doh eating days.


Why #Green Eggs #Lab?

Two reasons:

1) My life is a little awkward…a twist on the conventional… like Sam-I-Am’s green eggs.

2) Left to my own devices, I would have dropped out of science in the 3rd grade and again as a college student.  This was back when I cried regularly during math class and when supermarket cashier was my dream job.  (Oh, the joy of watching the conveyor belt, scanning the items and hearing the beep—that melodious beep—all day long).  Unimpressed with my well-thought-out goals, my mother began forcing extra 3rd grade math problems and science projects down my throat 4 days a week after school.

Two hours of regularly scheduled hell.
She told me that I’d like it.
I eventually did.

(NOTE: STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

But, at the time I thought:

I will not like STEM here or there.
I will not like STEM anywhere!
I will not like STEM at our house.
I will not like STEM on our couch…
She then sat me down at the table.
It was clear.  Student, I was labeled.
Extra math problems were on deck.
“Yuck.  What a pain in the neck!”
In spite of ups and downs, I later found
That STEM and me would be eternally bound.
So when…
At blog-writing, I decided to take a stab
The title had to be: Green Eggs & (Science) Lab.